Redneck Royalty's Story


We’ve built this brand the same way you build something – with our own 2 hands.

Between the 2 of us we have spent exactly 0 hours in a cubicle or at a desk.  A decision that we all stand behind and are proud of.  We’re Rednecks, we buy our own tools, fix our own shit, and work outside all year around. Through the thick of it all. Through the seasons from +40 on a tarred rooftop to -40 crawling under frozen gear.  We’ve been there, done that, and still choose to do this. We want you to join our elite class of go-getting sons of Bitches.



For the people who make a living with their hands, who freeze their asses off at work just to sit in a deer stand on their days off.  For the ones who get up before 5 A.M and bust it all week long, to get up earlier on the weekend to that hook in the water before sunrise. Sometimes you need to take a break from getting shit done, to get relaxing in, to breathe fresh air. Whether it’s Hunting, Fishing, Working or Camping, this is for you. Who have an unconditional love for the outdoors, regardless of the season or weather.  




We hunt, we fish, we drink beers and take care of our own. We get the job done. This is our Ethos, and if you can get behind that, this is for you. If this isn't for you please click THIS LINK. Just don’t forget to delete your history so to save your fragile offended little ego the humiliation of stumbling across all of this gear for Carnivorous, Ass Kicking Rednecks.

Have we Sold You? Then stop wasting time and CLICK HERE to see our gear.